About Us

Giving To Services is both the essence of our cryptocurrency token - SVCS - and the objective of our entire organisation. Our structure ensures no one person has overwhelming control whilst giving us the fluid autonomy to be able to support those who need our help globally.

Our aim is simple – to support the many public service workers, internationally, who face ever greater financial uncertainty by enabling access to cutting edge, tailor made, decentralised, financial tools.

Our vision is to ensure that even in the face of unprecedented social, environmental and economic change, we continue to adapt and deliver innovative solutions that protect the interests of public service workers.

Healthcare, education, the armed forces, fire services, security services and other public service workers are often under-rewarded and typically face great uncertainty at retirement. We are empowering everyone to participate in the creation of a brighter and more sustainable future for those that society relies on most.

Wherever the collective journey of humanity takes us in the coming years, we promise we’ll continue to evolve to meet the needs of those who can most ensure our survival.

Decentralised Finance

Through the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, we are providing a next generation “DeFi” service (Decentralised Finance) that offers exciting new ways for us all to take personal responsibility for giving back to public service workers and alternative avenues for those workers to direct their own financial destinies.


Simplicity is one of the main driving forces for our whole team as we know that our ability to harness efficiency and our ability to share our vision depends on it. While technology can often be highly complex, we understand that with careful attention to detail, no challenge is out of reach or beyond our ability to distil into simple concepts and language.

Our Team

Our combined team represents a wide variety of experience from differing fields, yet we are all bound by a shared passion for improving life for those who themselves improve the lives of so many others. We continue to work with and be inspired by leading experts in the technology, financial and specifically the emerging blockchain sectors - forging great friendships and powerful partnerships in the process.

Oliver Phelps


Founding Member
& Investor

Oliver is an English actor, most known globally for his role as George Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise. He is an entrepreneur in his own right and keen advocate of technology that improves lives of those who are perhaps in danger of being left behind.


Oliver is a charity ambassador for Caudwell Children and the RNLI, understanding the important role of public service and how often it goes unrewarded.

Jens Albers


Chief Operating Officer

Jens has been working in digital assets for more than 7 years and has been involved with some of the biggest exchanges, marketing, company structure and product management for many early stage start-ups.

He was a mentor to blockchain technology for students at UC San Diego and an advisor for the APPG, a working group to introduce and examine blockchain technology for the UK government.

Jens is also one of the directors of Blockchain For Good, a non-profit organisation to strengthen the use case of digital assets.

Leanne Holder


Head of Relations

Leanne is an entrepreneur and owner of two brands that are paving the way in both the automotive and health industries. Her business successes have led to her being named one of the UK’s most Inspirational female entrepreneurs in 2021 as well as her ranking as a ‘Top 10 Entrepreneur To Watch in 2020’ and named in The 10 Young and Inspiring Businesswomen To Watch in 2020 internationally.

Leanne knows the importance of public service better than most and brings her passion for developing projects from inception towards mass deployment to SVCS.

James O' Rourke


Chief Commercial Officer

Highly accomplished Entrepreneurial Executive with over 25 years experience in sales. A focused, challenged orientated individual with a highly successful proven track record of sales and business development.

Global relationships built in high revenue projects, James is a key member of the Giving To Services team.

Emma Newman


Chief Marketing Officer

Emma is a serial entrepreneur and business owner. She is  responsible for the marketing and management of several multi-million pound properties around the world. Specialising in luxury property and media, Emma has an eye for fine details and is highly regarded as a brand development expert, particularly in creative marketing strategies.

Emma’s insightful and energetic approach to SVCS is infectious.

Our Journey

May 2018

Despite a positive 2017, the global economy is starting to show signs of weakness in traditional industry making a strong shift towards digital revolution, leaving many public sector financially less secure.

May 2019

SVCS is created and smart contract integrated on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token.

May 2019

SVCS listed on the first DEX exchange.

November 2020

Team assembled to develop strong strategy.

January 2021

Strong sustained growth maintained.

February 2021

Key strategic partnership finalised.

December 2021

Expanding team to 'follow the sun' global response.

April 2023

Beta testing of the SVCS digital pension.

February 2018

A realisation that public sector pensions aren't substantial enough to support a fast moving world and falling below inflation rates. 

December 2018

Work starts on the concept of a digital assets that would serve Public Sector and Military employees globally.

May 2019

Decision taken not to raise funds via an ICO due to rising scepticism around ICOs, post 2018.

July 2020

First mainstream exchange launch.

December 2020

Strategic and agressive buy back across the exchanges to equalise the differing prices across the different exchanges.

January 2021

Website and whitepaper redesign started.

June 2021

Listings on two of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges.

April 2022

Analysis and design of mechanisms & structure of the SVCS digital pension.

April 2024

Soft launch of the SVCS digital pension.