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Are we looking to give to other charities, other than service people related?

Yes and that is part of the Instant Aid functionality. Charity as an industry is sadly becoming less charitable and more focused on being profitable. Largely speaking, only 60% of charitable donations, of which 90% come from normal people like us, end up at their intended destination.

Even less if a charity funds a second and third charity. Inflated wages for staff at charities is part of the problem. As an example, at United Way (a charity in the US) the CEO compensation package in 2019 was over $1.5mil. 

Instant Aid and more specifically SVS on XRPL solves a multitude of problems currently hamstringing charitable donations. Almost zero fees for transactions, near instant delivery and no 40% reductions to cover salaries and costs etc.

XRPL Switch Community Questions
Is the total supply going to be increased?

This is an important, complex answer and one that needs to be understood so we will do our best to break this down fully. 


Just like XRP, when SVS switches chains to XRPL, SVS will become deflationary. 

What does that mean?

For every transaction that uses SVS, a small portion of SVS will be burnt or destroyed meaning the total supply will reduce over time. 

Additionally, currently the GTS platform takes a 1% fee on SVS deposits into the platform. We are considering using part of that fee on the new platform to burn and further reduce total supply. 

Instant Aid Functionality 

Our goal for charitable donations must enable ordinary people like us to donate easily and also ensure the enabling of substantial donations from large funds. 

Instant Aid is in part a semi insular infrastructure, but it does have a real positive impact on volume, liquidity and price. 

The process of this, and this is incredibly simplified with several steps taken out, puts SVS directly in the middle of all donations both large and small. To try and visualise this the process here is an example for a small donation:

  • Example - $100 Donation made via Instant Aid on the GTS platform/app. XRP bookends SVS either side of this transaction. An API within the platform/app reaches out to an exchange to purchase SVS (XRP/SVS pairing) against XRP. 

Now on larger donations this process has other steps. Every time a donation is made the read only element of the API that reaches out to the exchange checks liquidity - all the sell orders (ie those available to buy) to match against the donation amount. In this example $1mil USD. 

  • Fiat flows in, the Platform/App reaches out to available exchanges to check liquidity before triggering buy/s (multiple exchange buys can happen simultaneously.) The buying trigger will have a parameter to check the impact of buying at this volume compared to the price in order to prevent a + 25% spike in price. Volatility can be healthy but within boundaries. If this check (which is automatic and real time) returns a ‘yes’ - the impact on the market price would be less than +25% - it will trigger the buy. 
  • Alternatively if the impact is more than 25%, then a second action is triggered alongside the exchange buy. 

  • Example - $1mil of SVS needs to be purchased, but only $750,000 is below the 25% impact threshold. In that case an additional $250,000 worth of SVS will be purchased from a ‘floating treasury’. 

  • The ‘floating treasury’ is only to support Instant Aid. It will be open and real time, able to be tracked by anyone. This treasury exists purely to reduce volatility to acceptable levels. The burn facility will also be integrated with this floating treasury.
  • The floating treasury will NOT be considered as circulating supply whilst not in use. Example, if 50million SVS tokens are required for an Instant Aid donation from the floating treasury, the circulating supply will be increased by 50million tokens, the moment any part of that is converted into another currency via the platform/app it’s taken back out of circulating supply and an internal burn implemented which further reduces Total Supply. 
  • All activity via Instant Aid will be tracked and the API will reflect volume impact. 

Market cap 

For most shareholders, market cap or token price is the main focus. Having a strong and more importantly liquid asset, is key for being able to deliver our functionality. The current bear market does put a glass ceiling of sorts on what’s achievable in the short term.

We have seen the damage increasing total supply from hundreds of millions to trillions has on the price and market price when that is supply is immediately made available in circulation with the Terra project for example. 

Increasing the total supply for Giving To Services is necessary to support Instant Aid, however, and this is important to understand, it’s NOT becoming circulating supply. It’s to reduce the impact of potential price spikes. Instant Aid, the swap function, exchange elements and the burn function all reach out to the exchanges to perform the buys needed. Only Instant Aid will use the floating treasury to reduce spike impacts. This will be fully open for everyone to see, track and work within the new regulatory framework. 

We think the top 10 assets on the market right now are deeply undervalued and would like to see SVS with a fully diluted market cap of $25 billion once the market rebounds. Fully diluted means if all the projects tokens are available, which they wouldn’t ever be. 

So at a $25 billion market cap for 50 billon tokens thats a fully diluted price of 50 cents per token. At the moment we are looking at 40 billion of those 50 billion tokens being assigned to the floating treasury. 

Working on those figures there’d be 50 billion TOTAL supply, with around 80% of that taken out of circulating supply for the floating treasury for Instant Aid. Additionally, tokens that will be locked in staking elements of the platform/app would also be taken out of circulating supply ratified by a live API feed to market trackers (CoinGecko etc).

It’s worth noting that if over time it’s clear the floating treasury doesn’t need to be as large as 40 billion tokens then we will put it to a governance vote to burn the un-needed amount. Once again, the floating treasury is not to be considered as circulating supply. It’s only on hand to reduce price impact spikes and will be fully tracked transparently real time. 

XRPL Switch Community Questions
Will the full marketing kick in after the platform is built?

Marketing in part has already started with some of the XRP influencers. We are talking to some of the influencers and thought leaders within the XRP sphere. So, yes once the platform is fully launched on XRPL our effort will switch largely towards PR and Marketing both mass, XRP community specific and an industry thought leader strategy. It makes little commercial sense to heavily market something that is not yet the finished article. 

XRPL Switch Community Questions
What will the ERC20 to XRPL change over look like?

Leanne (CEO) details some of this in the Q2 statement, however, dev and sys ops have already mapped out the switch architecture. Everyone staking on the platform will get switched over automatically. Their ERC20 SVS will then be burnt. 

Those holding SVS outside the platform will be able to switch to XRPL SVS manually and easily via the platform, which will then end their ETH costs for transactions! 

For SVS holders with tokens on exchanges we will be working with the exchange teams, as we do day to day, to ensure they get a 1:1 SVS ERC20 to SVS XRPL swap and again the ERC20 SVS swapped will be burnt. 

We'd encourage anyone holding ERC20 SVS to be proactive and send their tokens to the platform and convert manually.

It’s worthwhile noting we will implement a handover period to allow users to switch from ERC20 to XRPL. More details on this closer to the time.

The swap between chains whilst complex to ensure the security handshakes are efficient, is actually relatively smooth. Think of exchanges and platforms that offer cross chain swaps from USDT (ERC20 or BEP20) to XRP or XLM (as an example) the exact same (initial) process is true for SVS ERC20 to SVS XRPL, the only additional measure would be the SVS ERC20 would then be sent to be burnt. 

XRPL Switch Community Questions
Will Ripple announce we are working with them?

We have no influence over Ripple’s social media team, directive and intentions. We have to be extremely mindful of other parties interests. In the crypto space, how or what you say is taken as absolutely fact, no matter the context or backdrop. This is true whether we talk about the people we sponsor, the exchanges or our ambassadors. We can say we’re incredibly positive about this position and opportunity for our switch to XRPL. 

That said, we know some credible and influential people within the Ripple community already know about our project and are very keen to lend their support socially in real life, they recognise what we are doing is ground breaking and unique. 

Of course we would love Ripple to tweet, discuss and spread the news about Giving To Services and we hope they will. If you track the Ripple and RippleX accounts, you’ll see that announcements tend to happen once builds are complete, this makes perfect sense from a commercial perspective.

We have to appreciate how big Ripple is as an organisation, the scrutiny they are under with everything they say and do, alongside constant community speculation about every word spoken whether that’s Joel, Brad or the wider organisation. 

XRPL Switch Community Questions
How will the pairing work, will XRP be used as liquidity?

Some elements of this are again, commercially sensitive as we build. But, everything the platform is used for will use SVS. From governance to donations and swaps, everything flows through SVS. 

The opportunity to build on XRPL comes with many advantages, XRP being one of the main ones. XRP will absolutely be utilised for swaps and donations via SVS. The mechanics of this we will talk about in the coming weeks with some visuals to break down the complexities of it in a simple manner. 

XRPL Switch Community Questions
Will staking APRS change?

Switching to XRPL will in part enable a more stable % of interest for our shareholders. The UST collapse has focused our energy on making sure any stable coin pressure won’t impact our platform. We are considering a sliding scale dependant on a user’s vesting schedule (lock in period). This would give fixed % SVS locking up to a maximum of 20% pa. 

Sustainability and predictability is our focus for the platform. Volatility can impact locking %’s at the moment which will be solved in our switch to XRPL. 

In short, any changes will be to the benefit of the users. Our aim is to minimise any negative impact a wider bear market could have. 

XRPL Switch Community Questions
What is happening with regulation?

Regulation is the most uncertain part of the entire crypto space. Ripple fight for more transparency, the need for education and our collective ability to help provide a fully regulated environment for digital assets. Regulation is coming to this space, no question and those who aren’t regulated are going to struggle to operate in our opinion. 

To recap our efforts to operate in a regulated and compliant framework institutions are familiar with: Speaking to existing partners and known entities;

  • The UK is struggling with its approach.
  • CIMA in the Cayman Islands has a promising intention but they are facing significant delays to implementing a real framework. 
  • Dubai is without doubt the crypto hub of the world at the moment, but of the four licences for digital assets, two don't apply to GTS and the other two prohibit or constrict aspects of our platform. Our original workaround for this was to ring fence certain elements of GTS. Now working with Ripple this would be unworkable as it raises flags in a regulated framework when we are talking to institutional funds. There are also cultural complexities around interest earned on investments that many people aren’t aware of.
  • Lithuania - We will detail more on this in next weeks update but Leanne (CEO) and Jake (COO) had a meeting with one of our financial partners on Lithuania’s approach to crypto assets. As result of this conversation a legal team has been instructed and paperwork is already under way. We have been advised that we are able to have incorporation and be registered for the Cryptocurrency Exchange Licence within 8 weeks, as always with regulation take this with a pinch of salt. This aligns us with those institutions and companies like Ripple. Additionally we will employ multiple KYC, KYB and Anti Money Laundering (AML) layers under the guidance of our new Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO). Updates will be given every 2 weeks on this to the community. 

XRPL Switch Community Questions
A Ripple relationship, but what exactly does that mean?

A relationship should work so that there is benefit for both parties involved. Some elements of this are commercially sensitive at the moment and we can’t disclose all the conversations being had for obvious reasons.

Choosing Ripple from our perspective enables us to scale properly and enables extra functionality to the users (fiat on and off ramps via XRP, speed and lower transaction costs as detailed in the CEO statement).

Without speaking on behalf of Ripple, we know we bring something incredibly unique to XRPL. The first charitable staking platform and charitable enabler to operate on XRPL with the same mindset and ethos as Ripple; speeding up the industry with transparency within a regulated and protected framework. 

We know people want the granular details of this but certain elements just aren't for public disclosure yet. When all the stake holders are happy and authorise more information for release, our community will be the first to know. 

XRPL Switch Community Questions
Where can I buy SVS Tokens

SVS Tokens are listed on:




Are my tokens locked into the platform?

Once locked, your tokens are locked in for 90 days and your locking rewards are paid out daily. These rewards can be re-locked or withdrawn.

What is the platform and how does staking work?

Locking is a way to use your SVS to earn additional rewards. Essentially through our platform SVS holders allow their crypto to be used as part of the blockchain validation process and are rewarded by the network for the use of their assets.

Locking SVS into our baskets allows you to earn a passive income, all whilst supporting service professionals. You can lock your SVS tokens on our platform into one of three locking pairs: Wrapped Bitcoin, Tether (USDT) or EUR’s.

The underlying basket rewards in the currency of the underlying basket so the USDT basket pays out in USDT, these rewards are then exchanged into SVS when a user requests their rewards meaning SVS is bought every time a reward is released. This allows to simplify the process and reduce the number of exchanges needed for users whilst placing SVS at the centre of the process.

Who is behind Giving To Services?

You can learn more about the team on the get to know us section of the site.

When was Giving To Services founded?

We were founded in 2021 and first iteration of the locking platform went live in Q4 2021. Today over 1.5 billion SVS tokens are locked and earning rewards for holders.

What is the goal of Giving To Services?

Our aim is to support the many public service workers, internationally, who face ever greater financial uncertainty by enabling access to cutting edge, tailor made, decentralised finance.

Our vision is to ensure that even in the face of unprecedented social, environmental, and economic change, we continue to adapt and deliver innovative solutions that protect the interests of the public service workers.

What is Giving To Services?

We are built to recognise, reward, and serve public sector workers through decentralised financial tools. Giving to Services is a blockchain and cryptocurrency technology business that offers new ways for us all to give back to public service workers and enable them to direct their own financial destinies.

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