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Bringing charitable crypto to public sector workers

Giving To Services offers the first crypto token and rewards platform designed to give back to public service professionals and investors.

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Merging crypto with philanthropy

Giving To Services aims to recognise and reward public service workers with financial support.
More About Giving To Services
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Earnings for investors and public sector professionals

Public service workers around the world report they aren't able to retire comfortably. GTS donates 4% of SVS returns to support workers who need assistance.
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Who are you?

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Experienced crypto user
Want to earn and contribute to a great cause at the same time? Learn more about how you can use SVS.
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Inexperienced crypto user
New to crypto? No problem! We provide everything you need to use SVS even if you’ve never used crypto before.
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Public service worker
Take the next steps so you can start earning. Sign up on the Giving To Services platform to get your registration process started.
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Everybody benefits

Giving To Services offers a decentralised ecosystem that is mutually beneficial for public service professionals and investors. Both are given an additional source of income when users stake SVS tokens in the GTS platform.
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How Giving To Services works

Generate investment returns and contribute to public service workers who deserve relief from their financial worries.
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Users purchase SVS tokens through an available exchange
Public service workers register an account on the GTS platform
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Users lock their SVS tokens using Giving To Services platform
Registrants are vetted to confirm their public service worker ID
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Users withdraw interest rewards in SVS to sell or re-stake
Service workers receive 4% of users’ released rewards quarterly

Ready to contribute?

Support public service workers and join the Giving To Services community

What our community is saying

J Wenyon

I’m new to Crypto and was recommended by a friend to check out Giving To Services. I was immediately impressed by the whole idea behind it. I love the fact that by staking my SVS I’m not only giving something back to the everyday heroes who work on the frontline of the public services to make our lives better for little reward, but I also get a good return on my investment with daily rewards which I can either restake or take out.


A very close friend that we trust recommended the project to us. When we looked into it ourselves we could see that it had great potential. We really like the ‘win win’ concept. As the token price rises investors get gains and the giving to service people and good causes also increases. We’ve been staking our tokens since the Staking Platform went live. We are receiving a modest income which is far in excess of what we would get if our money was in a bank. As the token price goes up the passive income will increase substantially. With the recent changes in the team and the partnership with Crowd Create things are really starting to take shape. The future for this project is looking very promising. Check out the Road Map there are so many great things on the horizon, now is a great time to hop on board.


I bought into SVS because it represents a way for me to incrementally build up my savings and at the same time support critical national (human) infrastructure – public service workers. I feel good that my SVS tokens are generating income for some of the most valuable (but undervalued) members of society - public service workers. I log in every day to see what my interest has returned for me over the previous 24hrs. I love the fact that this is immediately available for withdrawal (this is so very different to 99.9% of other investment instruments) My main aspiration for Giving To Services is that it gains exposure to as many public service workers as possible, so that those who have the opportunity to get something from nothing, do. No other cryptocurrency pledges as much to public service workers as Giving To Services. This is because the fabric of SVS is cut from the very same cloth, and the team recognise how important it is to put the safety and security of society first, above all else.


I’m a proud SVS holder and beneficiary, it’s such a great idea and community or people who really do just want to give back to those who have spent their lives sacrificing.


Our family were introduced to SVS by a friend. My wife works for the Police, daughter is in the military and son in the Ambulance service. All will benefit from SVS without investing anything however we watched some videos, followed the guides, made a few mistakes but got ourselves some Crypto. No longer crypto newbies and 12 months later we continue to invest as we believe in the project and the benefit it will provide to the services profession. Passive income of course is also very welcome and with an easy app on the horizon things will get a whole lot easier.

Jamie Lambie MBE,

As service people we do our work for the love of the job, not for money. Unfortunately governments have taken advantage of that over the years. That a company like Giving To Sevices recognizes this and has taken steps to support us means a lot


A family member recommended SVS to me. Once I saw the concept I was intrigued, I’m a charitable person at heart and with what Giving To Services have created it was a no brainier. It gives you the opportunity to support the many service workers whilst making a profitable investment for yourself. I think it has one of the best use cases I have seen in the crypto space. I am extremely excited about what the future will hold. The future is SVS and I’m proud to be part of this great community

Royal Marine

SVS has given me the unique opportunity to give back to the organizations which produces incredible work for our nation.


SVS is a feel good investment, not only do investors benefit with the token increase and staking interest but giving to well deserving people who put themselves before wealth.


I'm a new investor with Giving To Services SVS and am really impressed with the constant communication from the admin team informing users of news etc. I love the fact that we are helping our frontline heroes and also getting daily cash rewards, which I instantly convert to coins. Keep up the great work


I invested in SVS in its early stages, as for a change I saw a platform that might enable me to see some growth for me, along with supporting those who provide our vital services - so it’s not an altruistic gesture but one I hope will see us both benefit in the long term.  The team behind SVS seem to be working exceedingly hard with the vision and goal of providing a platform to help our emergency service staff obtain some fiscal support outside the poor govt remuneration.


I was introduced to SVS by a friend and I am so grateful to them, it’s such a wonderful project. What’s not to love about Giving To Services. You can currently earn an astounding 16% interest on your coins through staking them. The most elegant part is that prior to receiving your rewards a proportion of the profit made is taken to donate to good causes. So you as an investor benefit as do service workers. So very glad to be part of an amazing concept.


I’m a great believer in SVS after hearing about it from a friend. It’s a fantastic concept and has great potential for both investors and service people. I’m seeing a worthwhile return on the staking platform which, when the value of the token increases, will equate to a useful income. Now’s the time to get in and invest at grassroots level.

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