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Decentralised financial tools for public service workers
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We all need the help of essential public services.

SVCS helps public service workers when they need it most.

Don’t our taxes pay for public services? Well, yes and no...

Despite public services being largely funded by tax payers in most countries, a combination of poor financial management, unexpected world events and other factors are progressively leaving public services without the funds they need. Ongoing demographic shifts are also contributing to public service workers increasingly facing worry and uncertainty at the prospect of their retirement.

“State and local pension plans in the U.S. now have less than three quarters of the money they need to meet their promised payouts, their lowest level since at least 2001, according to Public Plans Database figures weighted by plan size.”

SVCS provides an alternative way to fund the public servants that perform society’s most undervalued tasks.


We empower individuals and institutions to fund those involved in public services directly and transparently – plus, we are also creating a next generation public service pension too!

Everyone has the right to self determination and to direct their own destiny. Our team are committed to shaping SVCS into a reliable tool that anyone can use to take responsibility for their own finances, without reliance on governments who are not guaranteed to make decisions that respect the long term welfare of public servants.

While traditional pensions are normally locked by governments until the person reaches 'pensionable age', SVCS is built to be much more flexible. Rather than waiting for a magical old age (which is always being moved further away), SVCS allows you to be your own decision maker. SVCS intends to truly revolutionise pensions for those who need it the most.

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