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Get to know us

Get to know us at Giving To Services and learn about why we do what we do.

Built to recognize, reward and serve public sector workers through decentralized finance

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At Giving To Services, our mission is to financially support the millions of public service workers around the world by enabling access to decentralized finance. In the face of unprecedented social, environmental, and economic change, we continue to adapt and deliver innovative solutions that protect and recognize our public service workers.
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Decentralized finance
SVS token purchase and rewards generates passive income for individuals and institutional token holders.
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Decentralized technology
Smart Contracts facilitate continuous giveback of 4% of staking rewards of vetted public service workers.
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Transparent system
Ethereum blockchain enables transparent, auditable transactions between all parties in the SVS ecosystem.

Our why

Public service workers around the world “actively considering” quitting and changing their professions because they feel undervalued and undercompensated. Giving to Services provides a new way to compensate public service workers.
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The components

Building the Giving To Services community with blockchain technology
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The DeFi network needs liquidity to provide for participants. The GTS staking process pays high rewards to meet high demands of liquidity.
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The Platform
Users can take their SVS tokens, lock them into a specific rewards basket and earn rewards. GTS offers 3 reward baskets.
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Give Back
When SVS token stakers realize their daily rewards we share 4% with eligible public sector workers.

Meet the Giving To Services team

Leanne Holder, CEO portrait
Leanne Holder
Leanne is highly skilled in the building and directing of businesses. Owner of multiple brands that have paved the way in both the automotive and health industries, her successes have led to her being named one of the UK’s Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs, as well as her ranking as a Top 10 Entrepreneur To Watch and being named in The 10 Young and Inspiring Businesswomen To Watch, globally.
Jens Albers
Chief Technical Advisor
Jens has been working in digital assets for more than 7 years and has been involved with some of the biggest exchanges, as well as numerous other roles with early-stage start-ups. Jens was an advisor for the APPG, a working group to introduce and examine blockchain technology for the UK government.

He is also one of the directors of Blockchain For Good, a non-profit focused on strengthening the use case of digital assets.
Jens Albers, CTO portrait

Jake Leaver


Jake is the owner of two successful businesses as well as a keen investor of cryptocurrency. He is highly skilled in international business, having secured many global business deals and is a fantastic negotiator within international trade, operations and logistics. His versatile skills gained throughout his career in business have enabled him to become an expert in his field.

Gaz Walsh

General Manager

Gaz has a background in service. 16 years working in mission focused teams in high failure consequence environments has developed his ability to lead. With a high degree of emotional intelligence and the clarity of thought to interpret the zeitgeist, his ability to think strategically is unique.

Luke Dalton


Luke is the Co-founder of Contact Coffee Co, a Military inspired coffee company recently awarded the Silver Armed Forces Covenant Award 2021 for support to members of the defense community.

Professor Mukesh Kapila MD, CBE

Global Charity Advisor

Mukesh is a medical doctor, professor, author and senior humanitarian that has worked as a specialist advisor to the some of the biggest organizations in the world. These include The World Health Organization, The United Nations, The International Red Cross and The NHS to name a few.

Oliver Phelps


Oliver is an English actor, most known globally for his role as George Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise. He is an entrepreneur in his own right and keen advocate of technology that improves lives of those who are perhaps in danger of being left behind.