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Built to recognise, support and serve public sector workers through decentralised finance

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At Giving To Services, our mission is to financially support the millions of public service workers around the world by enabling access to decentralised finance. In the face of unprecedented social, environmental, and economic change, we continue to adapt and deliver innovative solutions that protect and recognise our public service workers.
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Decentralised finance

SVS token purchase and rewards generate support for individuals.
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Decentralised technology

Smart Contracts facilitate continuous giveback of 4% of tokens to vetted public service workers.
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Transparent system

The XRPL enables transparent, auditable transactions between all parties in the SVS ecosystem.

Our why

Public service workers around the world “actively considering” quitting and changing their professions because they feel undervalued and undercompensated. Giving to Services provides a new way to compensate public service workers.
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