19th July Update: FCA regulations, the 90-day grace period ends, new features and more!


It’s been a whirlwind of a week in the crypto world, in this week's update we have rounded up a few things that have happened!

- Ripple won their case with the SEC and have stated that they are confident that U.S. banks will want to use XRP for cross-border transactions. UK FCA have shut down 26 crypto ATMs following a co-ordinated investigation with other law enforcement agencies.

- The FCA released a consultation on the Financial promotions communication relating to social media. The promotions regime will come into action on the 8th October.

- A polite reminder that on the 23rd July, all tokens in external wallets will be lost due to the 90-day grace period ending. Please ensure that you have sent these tokens to the GTS platform.

- Our new features for our platform are still being worked on by our developers. The team are busy with lots of meetings currently and we are looking forward to the future of the GTS platform and its developments.

- Finally, we want to thank those of you that engage on our social media posts. Engagement is really important in the quest to be visible to new followers, so thanks to those interacting with our social media.

GTS Team
October 5, 2023