21st May - Update


We thought we would give another small update to token holders to let you know how things are going over at Global Charity Token.

The rebrand from Giving To Services to Global Charity Token has gone well and been very well received. We have a website designer working on a new website to not only coincide with the new name, but to depict the new global mission of the company.

The platform is still being worked on for fixes and to make it more user friendly. There are all being done behind the scenes and we look forward to when they publish this. The platform will also be re-branded in-line with the new website and new name for continuity.

There are still issues with withdrawal from the platform that we are aware of, alongside the P2B stopping all withdrawals for XRPL projects to the exchange. When we hear more about when this is fixed and you can take your tokens off the platform, we will notify you.

Finally, the regulatory licences are all going well with Lithuania and are at near completion. This will mean that we will fall under MiCA when this comes into action and we will be fully compliant across Europe for the token, its distribution and its marketing efforts.

Thanks for your patience while we continue to work on making GCT fantastic for not just token holders but for the charities that it will benefit.

GCT Team
May 22, 2024