26th April Update: XRPL soft launch, next steps, fundraising and more!



Great news! The SVS token is now on the XRPL and the soft launch is now complete. If your tokens are on the exchanges, they will have been swapped 1:1 by the exchanges.  

If you have tokens on the platform, these will have been automatically swapped to the new  token as well. If you find some old ERC-20 at a later date and send these tokens to the platform, these will  not automatically swap and you will need to head to ‘Wallet’ and click on ‘Swap’ in order to  swap your ERC-20 SVS to the XRPL SVS.

There is a 90-day grace period that started Monday 24th April in which any tokens that are in external wallets e.g. MEW will need to be sent to the GTS platform. If tokens that are held in any external wallets are not sent to the platform within this 90 days grace period you will lose these.

Between 1st-5th May is when you can be the first to lock your tokens for rewards. You will only be able to do this on these dates and this will be exclusive only for existing token  holders.

Our developers will now be working on the platform's additional features ahead of the upcoming full launch.

Thank you for your patience during the swap process.


Congratulations to Luke who ran the London Marathon to raise funds for the wonderful Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity at the weekend. He ran the marathon in a great time of 3:01:44!

His JustGiving page is still open for donations to support this fantastic charity and you can help him reach his target here.


You will be seeing that our fantastic Marketing Executive Diana has been writing educational blog posts to help all the community and new investors.

We have already seen lots of shares across social media on these which is great.

The more we expand the reach of GTS, the greater impact we can have on society through our token.

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GTS Team
October 5, 2023