26th March - Update


Hi all, it’s been a busy month here and we are making good progress.


As we previously mentioned at the beginning of February, we are pivoting the company in order to be compliant with regulations, and to give the token and it’s vision the push it needs and deserves. Alongside this, we had a restructure of founding members and company management which was vital to the project’s future success.


Up until this point we have been quietly preparing behind the scenes and are at a good point where we aim soon to have regulation within Lithuania, Malta and UAE as a starting point. This will allow us to market across Europe in which we will aim to comply with the upcoming Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCA) and the UAE with future regulatory scope spanning to Africa.


While the regulatory legalities are being worked on, we have approached new developers to fix platform issues and to start work on the back and front end of the platform imminently so that we can look to make the token and the platform the high-end financial product that we originally set out to do.


Finally, to coincide with new jurisdictions we are re-branding Giving To Services. This is due to our pivot of the company and we will be becoming Global Charity Token. The token was initially set up to help those in the public services and was primarily set to the UK. We are aware that we are no longer able to achieve this within this remit and have made the decision as a team to globally use the token to help charities and individuals that are not location or career specific. By doing so, we can not only help more people in areas of the world that require it immediately (war zone, famine etc), but are able to partner with large institutions and charitable partners; some of which we have already consolidated relationships with in this quiet public period.


We know that progress has been halted, and has been somewhat slow in recent months, however we are confident that we are on the right track to becoming the leading force in charitable blockchain giving. Despite the project not having a social presence due to regulations, we have been working tirelessly to give the token holders the project they deserve. Thank you for your continued patience in this uneasy time within the industry.

GTS Team
April 3, 2024