27th February - Update


Firstly, thank you for your patience while we pivot the company to ensure we are aligned with all financial regulations. We are progressing well and will update you as we continue to move forwards.


If anyone still has the previous ERC-20 token in a MEW wallet or similar, please email team@givetoservices.com to arrange a transfer of the new XRPL token.


We have spoken to P2B exchange again and they have confirmed that they are still fixing the ripple chain for ALL tokens on the XRPL, not just ours. They have said they are working on the chain synchronisation, fixing problems that have occurred and are working to make the system process faster. This means that you are still unable to send your SVS to the exchange. Unfortunately, this is totally out of our hands and as soon as they let us know that this is fixed, we will notify you.


Finally, all updates will only be placed onto our website and will no longer be sent into the discord or telegram after this one. Due to the FCA regulations we cannot be seen to be advertising or incentivising the project within the UK. By posting updates into a group full of UK token holders could go against this and therefore you will need to keep an eye out on the site and of course if you see an update, post this yourselves into the groups.

GTS Team
February 27, 2024