28th August Update: platform maintenance report, the Instant Aid feature, distribution of rewards and more!


Hi all,

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the platform being unavailable without prior notice. There was a lack of sufficient and timely communication from the developers meaning when they took the platform down, the team were not fully aware that this maintenance phase was coming and thus could not warn any token holders.

Their recent poor communication has meant that we have had to pick up a lot of pieces. 

We have dealt with this and now moving forward we hope we will be able to communicate any platform maintenance or work to you more effectively.

Lack of sufficient and timely communication from the developers meaning when they took the platform down, the team were not fully aware that this maintenance phase was coming. 

As it stands, we are still working on bringing you the new features to the platform. We know this has taken a long time, far longer than expected however, we ran into a few issues that slowed us down. We don’t have an end date for you just yet, but I will communicate this when I can and when I am confident that we can deliver. For now, the platform is still functioning as a wallet, an XRP-SVS swap and as a lock-in platform.

Moving forward, alongside the new features my main priority is getting a separate section for service personnel to sign in and validate their ID, so we can start the distribution of rewards.

This is something that I wanted to have up and running by now, however, we had to prioritise certain platform aspects first to ensure that this would work correctly. I will keep you updated when we have either a beta for this or a full working distribution.

Please be mindful that there will need to be behind-the-scenes testing on this so it may take a little time but it is most certainly a priority.

Furthermore, we are currently navigating our marketing strategy carefully. The FCA have introduced the promotions act to start October 8th in which we are still trying to understand what this means for our communication. 

Their guidelines have been vague and there has been a call for further guidance, CryptoUK is working hard on this. We HAVE to get this right so please forgive us if socials change slightly to educational posts and less about the token, it legally may be out of our hands and there may be a transitional period. When we understand more from the regulatory guidance, we can let you know what to expect from our socials and website. 

Instant aid - we are making great progress with huge connections related to our instant aid function being worked on. This will ensure GTS has global reach and although legally we can’t say much yet while we are still in the negotiation phases, we hope this will bring some great contacts, token holders and also will be huge for helping others globally.

Although things have been difficult for token holders and for the team recently, I am confident that we can get back on our feet with a fantastic token and a great business. With all great things, there are often speed bumps, some out of our control and although extremely frustrating for all, we will get through them stronger. 

Finally, I am aware that a few of you didn’t get to swap their ERC-20 tokens for the new SVS XRPL token. This will now be done on an individual basis manually so please email team@givetoservices.com with the subject ERC-20 SWAP and please add in the email your wallet address, destination tag, username and the amount of tokens you need to swap. One of the team will get back to you with the next steps. 



Leanne Holder, CEO
October 5, 2023