8th August Update: security, app build, NCSC and more!



The past two weeks have seen the wider market produce more headlines for security breaches. Our team approaches security at the forefront of everything we do. Blockchain has the ability to be more secure, faster and more transparent than any fiat system. Blockchain is the future, but collectively we all must work to improve our space.

From a Giving To Services perspective we contribute to the ecosphere in a number of ways. Primarily for the users of our platform we focused heavily on security first, which includes KYC, AML and 2FA. Our internal threat hunting team also proactively searches for threats that could present themselves in a variety of ways. We have been extremely busy recently with the wider market hacks, firstly making sure we are isolated and secure from those threats, then moving to contributing help where we can assist. 


The National Cyber Security Center is effectively the advice and sound board for the UK Government on all matters relating to Cyber Security in collaboration with GCHQ. If you happen to be on Twitter their feed is full of easy to understand and incredibly valuable advice on how to keep your electronic day to day life safe, not just in the crypto space. You can take a look here.

NCSC have recently launched a campaign that calls on tech startups who help in the security space to apply for their new partnership scheme. We applied last week and we hope that on acceptance we can bring our threat hunting skill sets closer to the agencies and Law Enforcement within the UK and place one of our team permanently with them in Cheltenham. 

App Build

The day is here! Today we started our build for the XRPL platform move. The app will be built in parallel too. We will be sharing details along the way of the build and the functionality as we get closer to bringing it to market. As always, security is our priority.

Growing the Team

Once the XRPL build and switch is complete our focus will be on marketing to grow awareness of the project amongst the crypto and wider fintech community. We’ve begun the recruitment process to expand the in-house marketing team with an expectation of having them in place for October at the latest, this is in addition to working alongside Crowdcreate. 

GTS Team
October 5, 2023