A letter from our CEO


Hi all,

Firstly, apologies for the slightly later update than usual, I was away on Annual Leave and therefore needed to write the update upon my return.

The first thing to address is the platform. Many of you will have seen that the platform is down for maintenance currently. As you can imagine with tech, things need working on in the background especially when in the building phase and on behalf of the team I can only apologise for the inconvenience.

I don’t have a date as to when it will be back up and running yet, but will communicate this when I do.

Rest assured: your tokens are all safe! Anyone who still has their tokens in an external wallet will be able to send these to the platform when it is back up and we will ensure that no tokens are lost by extending the deadline thoroughly.

Equally anyone’s rewards that are due to be released from the initial 3-month lock-in period will also be rewarded as usual.

I have seen a lot of talk around ‘the project hasn’t launched yet’, ‘the token isn’t live’, ‘the XRPL switch hasn’t happened’ and ‘the platform hasn’t launched’ and therefore wish to clear these up.

The project has been live since 2019, the token is live and the XRPL switch happened months ago.

Furthermore, the platform (albeit when it isn’t in maintenance mode) serves as a wallet, an XRP swap function and a rewards platform to gain more tokens. The platform as it stands is launched and functional.

We understand that token holders want more from the platform which is why we are building our new features (tax PDF, two-way swap, fiat on-ramp, referral scheme and governance and Instant Aid) which one-by-one will enhance the already functional platform and improve user experience.

We initially communicated an estimated time for some of these features to be built and I totally understand that we are well over that estimation.

Unfortunately, there were a few parts to the technical build that were unexpected and therefore it has taken far longer for our developers to build this than projected.

Personally, despite it being out of my control I wish to apologise for the inaccurate estimation of this and of course, am doing my best to speed this up.

I do however have to go by the developers regarding the build time and completion date. I will update everyone as soon as I know anything about completion! Next up I want to address some of the negativity that has surrounded the project, the community and the staff at GTS.

I 100% understand why token holders will be annoyed at the slow timeframes for the new features and of course the downtime we have had on the platform recently. However please understand that these are often out of the management team's hands and as much as we would love to click our fingers and it all be sorted, it doesn’t work that way.

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about communication and transparency and while I understand that perhaps you may want to know exactly what is happening day in and day out, it is not possible for myself or the team to update you daily, we simply don’t have the bandwidth.

Furthermore, there are often things were are unable to talk about due to legal and security reasons. I will endeavour to update you where possible through our fortnightly updates but please remember that sometimes no news isn’t always a bad thing, it usually means that we have our heads down working! I also want to mention some of the community's attitudes towards social media.

We have seen an increasing number of hateful comments on our posts, and in our personal social media inboxes and this really is unacceptable. We all want to do our best for the project and for you all as token holders, however, being disrespectful and hateful to us really is not okay. We have the same outcome, vision and aim as you all and are just trying to navigate the build, compliance and regulatory landscape in the best way we can.

Moreover, when new potential investors take a look at the social media account and discord for example and they see so much negativity and not one positive engagement on the socials, they will walk away.

As a community we cannot expect more trading, investment in the project or increased token price if we are not speaking highly of the token itself and are essentially turning people away. It’s like complaining something isn’t working, but breaking it yourself.

I am empathetic to the fact that it is hard to speak highly of something that perhaps token holders may be disappointed in, or disheartened about as they felt that we would be in a better situation by now, however, without all of us pulling together to try and raise the positivity like is seen is so many other small token communities, then, unfortunately, the community will always remain small.

Throughout these times, please remember that before I came to work at GTS I was simply a token holder like yourselves. I early on saw the potential, shared the same wish to help others as you, and had hope that the project would succeed also.

I am still viewing the project from the perspective of a token holder and have everyone's best interests at heart.

Finally thank you so much for your patience, I hope that you stick with us and stick by us and remain positive, remembering the core of GTS is to try and help as many people as we can. I am confident we will get there.



Leanne Holder, CEO
October 5, 2023