A letter from our new CEO, Leanne Holder


Giving To Services is something that I loved the moment I saw it. The SVS token drew me in and I adored the concept of being able to use cryptocurrency to help others. Giving back is something that spurs me on each day, makes me feel great and is why I’m proud to be a part of this community. This is how I want every single member of the Giving To Services and SVS community to feel.

I believe that when you do something with purpose, a ‘why’, you will always love what you do, and it is that purpose that makes me so excited to be appointed the CEO of Giving To Services. My vision for SVS began as a community member before I was even a part of the team. My belief in everything that we stand for today has been instilled in me from the start. With my expertise in building businesses, my high ambitions and my love for charitable giving, I will go forward with all community members in mind and with my heart fully into the role. 

I will continue to make conscious decisions through our partnerships with organisations such as the Crypto Climate Accord and will ensure that we do everything we can as a team to help encourage positive future change across the entire cryptocurrency industry. 

My mission is this; we have already changed the lives of many, it is time to take that one step further and change the lives of everyone who needs our help through global philanthropy, using cryptocurrency and our impressive technology to facilitate this. #OurCryptoGivesBack will always be the core of Giving To Services. 

For all of the incredible things we have already achieved and all of the people we have already helped, I truly believe that the best chapters of GTS are ahead of us. 

Leanne Holder

CEO, Giving To Services.  

Leanne Holder, CEO
October 5, 2023