Breaking the barriers: How to make the crypto industry more inclusive for women?


The crypto sector has been growing exponentially over the years. Despite its rapid growth, the industry has been criticised for being male-dominated, which raises concerns about its inclusivity.

According to CoinJournal, less than 5% of crypto entrepreneurs and founders are women as of 2022. The lack of representation caused by gender bias made females work harder to prove themselves and be taken seriously.

The lack of diversity in the industry is a significant problem, so it is vital for women to learn how to tackle all challenges they face in the crypto sector.

1. Educate yourself

If you want to succeed in the crypto industry, it is important to learn about the technology, and follow markets and trends. Also, remember to keep an eye on related topics. There are many resources available online that you can use, such as blogs, podcasts, online courses, and media publications. Build your confidence by educating yourself!

2. Join women-led crypto communities

Find and join crypto communities that are focused on supporting women working in the industry. Connect with other women, share your experiences and get advice from the experts. It will expand your networking opportunities and will be helpful in your further career development. It is essential for women to empower each other, so do not hesitate and find a community that suits you the most!

3. Explore mentorship opportunities

Having a mentor can be incredibly beneficial for your career development and here’s why. Mentors can provide guidance and support, and give you professional advice and feedback. Also, there’s always a chance you can find one by joining a female-focused crypto community!

4. Speak out for diversity

Individuals in the industry can speak out against gender bias and discrimination when they see it. So, use your voice to raise awareness about the gender imbalance in the industry and push for more diversity and inclusivity.

5. Support other women

It is vital to encourage and help other women just starting in the crypto sector. Help them succeed in the industry by sharing your experiences and knowledge. Be there for them when they face challenges and offer solutions to tackle them. By lifting each other up and providing the resources they need to succeed, you will inspire others to join!

As a woman in the crypto industry, you have the power to make a change by educating yourself, joining women-focused communities, seeking mentorship programs, advocating for diversity and empowering other women. Act now and break the barriers to make the crypto community more inclusive for women!

GTS Team
October 5, 2023