SVS project recap


SVS token has one big purpose, enabling us to invest in and utilise cryptocurrencies and at the same time support charitable causes, for example: rewards for government service members globally who do so many great things for us right now on the frontline with very little protection for their financial future. SVS is fully committed to changing this in a sustainable way.

Over the last 12months the SVS platform has been fully developed by our in-house team and is now live. Currently there are 736 users registered on the platform and 948mil tokens staked, earning investors rewards within their chosen investment basket.

The team continue to work hard and the below should give some clarity on the last 12 months work and more importantly what the next 12 months will look like.


May 2021:

Token swap/air drop for existing token holders. SVS token created to replace the original SVCS token. SVS token creation was required for two reasons. Firstly the SVCS token, whilst robust, was not fully compatible with the new SVS staking platform.

Secondly and more importantly, legal opinion was taken and the advice was that the existing SVCS token may not be considered a full utility staking token. With this considered, the team made the decision to create SVS to be fully compatible with the SVS platform and legally compliant as a utility staking token. SVS has been fully audited and subject to a legal opinion in which we have official utility status which is vital for our US market and the SEC in particular.

VASP license application:

SVS applied for a VASP license in the Cayman Islands like many other crypto assets. This license was meant to be used as the legal framework for assets to adhere to, once it was made into law. However, CIMA is reporting large delays in not only processing applications but actually providing the detail around the framework and the license. We made the decision to no longer wait for this hurdle to be resolved with no time frame indication given by CIMA, more details about our progress below.

SVS audited by Certik:

Certik are widely known as one of the premier third party auditors of crypto assets. Certik completed their SVS audit in late 2021 and issued their findings. In short, SVS passed the audit in great shape with a score of 93%. Out of the circa 1,800 tokens audited globally, SVS are ranked within the top 100 tokens by Certik.

It is incredibly important to us that SVS is able to hold its own amongst the biggest assets in the world and put institutions at ease. Regulation, Audit, Legal opinion.

GivingToServices - CertiK Security Leaderboard

Exchange listings:

Listed on Coinsbit December 2021

Listed on Uniswap June 2021

Token performance:

We have seen over the last 12 months, the SVCS/SVS token rising to a high of nearly $0.07 and declining in value since that high. Reason for this decline is that early adopters of the token have been selling their tokens and taking profit on their investment. Our focus has been on completing tech build, gaining audit and regulation.

Our lack of self promotion and sales during this time has seen the selling of tokens outweigh the buying demand by new investors and is the reason for the decline in token value over this period. We fully expect that the recent trend to switch, demand for SVS to outweigh selling as the marketing and global awareness for SVS increases. Our product is complete and we now switch to the marketing phase to tell the world about it. See more below on our marketing partnership and strategy.



We have to ensure we are compliant with various and complex laws. Together with a strong legal team we are setting the foundation to become fully licensed and regulated in Dubai due to the Cayman Island VASP license delays. Dubai is the world’s crypto hub and Giving To Services is currently going through the incorporation process and application for License 6599-92 Proprietary Trading in Crypto Commodities. This in itself will set another competitive advantage for us, as most decentralised finance projects are not regulated. We expect to be registered and fully regulated in Dubai by May 2022.

Exchange listings:

We have 6 exchange offerings all top 25 exchanges. As a team we are focused on top tier exchanges ranked 10 and higher. Through a strategic partnership we have 2 x top five exchanges we can push through when the time is right in 2022.


This is perhaps the most significant development both from a public facing impact, but also an investment from the team.

Our marketing partner CrowdCreate is the world’s best agency in this space. They are behind the success of Axie and Sand (both now Top 50 assets by marketcap). Currently CrowdCreate are rebuilding and designing our website to be relaunched in the coming weeks. Together we are also bringing in key advisors and strategic partners.

The expertise CrowdCreate have and will be imparting to Giving To Services is absolutely huge, but it’s their influence and contacts that will make an immense difference to the team, the users of the platform, the daily trading volume and ultimately the value of SVS.

SVS mobile app including direct payment gateway – aim to be live Q2 2022.

The next few months will provide not only a huge improvement to our platform and cause but also set the foundation for significant growth. We are very excited to go on this journey with you!

GTS Team
October 5, 2023