We are answering some frequently asked questions


We thought we’d take the time to answer some frequently asked questions for SVS token holders who aren’t yet part of our Discord server. We’ll aim to do more of these updates as the work on the project drives forward.

1. Where does the ETH go from the swap function on the platform?

The swap function is connected to Uniswap SVS/ETH pool. We all know how high gas prices have been recently so to save users gas fees (which we have seen in excess of $100 consistently) the swap pulls directly from the treasury so no gas fee is required.

The ETH is then run through the exchanges either via Uniswap when the Gas is more reasonable or converted into USD and put through P2PB2B as buy orders.

2. Future exchange listings guideline are on the roadmap.

We are already ahead for Q1 with CoinsBIT coming in before Christmas. We are being approached now by exchanges as well as reaching out to key exchanges to list too. It’s not an easy process to navigate. Some exchanges promise the earth and don’t deliver, some have fake volume so we are making sure we talk to the credible exchanges.

Some listings we turn down due to their listing fee being far in excess of what we have paid for to date despite being a lower ranking exchange. We have three exchange offerings we are happy with at the moment, we are just making sure it matches our volume/liquidity requirements.

3. Crowdcreate are the world’s best marketing agency. Fact.

The work they have done previously on other projects is huge. It’s not just marketing they bring though, it’s the doors they can open for us too. In terms of time scales they are already building for us, perhaps not overtly on socials but the connections are being made. We anticipate full mass market marketing to take place in April. Why the wait ?

Because we want to get it right. Previous Youtube videos and marketing wasn’t fruitful for various reasons discussed before. April also gives us time to solidify the bigger exchange listings to maximise liquidity opportunities.

StarAtlas is just one of the CrowdCreate success stories. Since CC finished the marketing for StarAtlas, $Atlas now has a consistent daily volume of $10mil +.

4. Dubai registration is happening as we speak.

Dubai we see as the ‘crypto hub’ of the world, certainly in the next few years. It makes sense for us to be at the heart of that. Also BVI and Caymans haven’t made the VASP licence in to law yet and we can’t afford to wait or keep jumping through hoops just for the goal posts to be moved each time.

5. CrowdCreate are working on a visual rebrand.

There will be a redesigned website prior to the mass market launch and alongside the partnerships with organisations and key individuals we are in really good shape.

Please check out the team page of CrowdCreate and look at the pedigree of people we are now working with. We know sometimes in crypto people expect things at lightning speed and moons tomorrow. Our view that is echoed by CrowdCreate, is that we do things right and everything will fall in place.

6. Team Updates.

Expansion. 2 x Junior Devs to support Jens (CTO), an MLRO and CFO as well as 2 x community service agents to provide almost 24hr coverage as we move to the US.Service focus;

With the advise of CrowdCreate and the redesign we are going to open up to all services globally quicker than planned. We are still supporting the NHS, we are just opening up to the other services and military globally.

Why ? Market reach faster. The US in particular is prime for this on the advice we have taken from CrowdCreate, ‘Thank you for your service’ is a real culture out there so we believe we can help a lot of people whilst promoting SVS (increasing the volume & market cap).

As ever, thank you for your support of Giving To Services and our SVS token. We’re a mission focused team committed to using our crypto to give back to the community of service people we respect and are thankful for.

GTS Team
October 5, 2023