The Web3.Conference unveiled exciting insights into the future of digital technology


The Web3.Conference held in Amsterdam on 19th May brought together visionaries, industry leaders, and enthusiasts from across the globe to discuss the potential of Web3 technology and its impact on various sectors.

Giving To Services, as a media partner, was privileged to witness and report on the cutting-edge discussions and presentations that unfolded throughout the day.

The event kicked off with an insightful presentation by Sharon Sciammas from Web3 Lab, highlighting how Web3 communities are shaping our culture. Sciammas delved into the transformative power of Web3 technology in fostering new forms of community interaction, cultural exchange, and shared values.

Nirmala Shome (The Fabricant) took the stage next, captivating the audience with her exploration of Web3 fashion. Shome explained how the Web3 ecosystem provides creators with unique opportunities to overcome challenges faced in the traditional fashion industry. The rise of digital fashion hinted at a potential shift that might see physical fashion being overtaken by its digital counterpart.

Mark Long, the CEO of NEON, shared his thoughts on the future of Web3 gaming. Long's insights delved into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the realm of gaming.

In a session dedicated to enriching NFT communities' culture with crypto games, Thomas Tumosa from Zen Republic shared insights and strategies for fostering vibrant NFT communities. Tumosa's presentation highlighted the power of crypto games in enhancing engagement and building a strong sense of community among NFT enthusiasts.

The conference also featured a dynamic panel discussion with notable industry experts, including Nisheta Sachdev (Luna PR), Lianna Adams (Web3/NFT GTM Advisor), Cosmin Gafta (YOM), and Mickelle Weber (House of Peregrine). The panellists engaged in a thought-provoking conversation, exchanging valuable insights and perspectives on various aspects of Web3 technology.

The Web3.Conference, organised by the AroundB marketing agency, served as an important platform for exploring the vast potential of Web3 technology.

From the transformative impact of digital fashion to the future of gaming, decentralised social media, and investment opportunities, the conference offered valuable insights into the future of the digital landscape.

GTS Team
October 5, 2023