Token locking: 5 reasons why it's the ultimate eco-friendly choice


Token locking (also known as staking) has become increasingly popular in recent years as a more eco-friendly alternative to mining, which has been criticised for its high energy consumption and carbon footprint.

In this blog post, we will explore five environmental benefits of token locking and why it is a great sustainable opportunity for the crypto industry.

1. Energy efficiency

Token locking is a more energy-efficient alternative to mining because it does not require the same amount of power as mining. It relies on a Proof of Stake algorithm that uses significantly less energy than the Proof of Work algorithm used in mining.

2. Reduced e-waste

The mining process requires frequent upgrades to computer hardware and software to remain competitive. As a result, it creates a significant amount of electronic waste as outdated equipment is discarded. Token locking, on the other hand, does not require expensive hardware upgrades, which can reduce the amount of electronic waste.

3. Lower carbon footprint

Token locking has a lower carbon footprint than mining due to reduced energy consumption. By switching to locking, crypto enthusiasts can help to address climate change concerns.

4. Supporting sustainable blockchain networks

Token locking is a form of responsible investment that encourages crypto holders to support sustainable blockchain networks. By locking-in crypto, users are contributing to the growth and development of networks that prioritise sustainability and energy efficiency. One great example of this is XRP Ledger which we are soon to switch to. The XRPL is designed to use as little energy as possible making it the world’s first major carbon-neutral blockchain.

5. Long-term sustainability

By supporting sustainable blockchain networks, token locking can contribute to the long-term sustainability of the crypto sector. As we can see, token locking is not only a way to earn passive income but it can also have positive environmental impacts.

As more users shift to locking as an alternative to mining, we may see more positive environmental impacts in the crypto sphere soon.

GTS Team
October 5, 2023